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Word of the Day



Definition: (noun) A person of unquestioning obedience.
Synonyms:stooge, yes-man
Usage:I liked the play, but I felt that the character of Joe was too much of a flunky, always trying to please Roger and never standing up for himself. Discuss.

Article of the Day


Giuseppe Mazzini

Mazzini was an Italian patriot, revolutionist, and an outstanding figure of the Risorgimento, the era of nationalism and activism that led to Italy's unification. In his youth, he devoted himself to literary and philosophical studies and later joined the Carbonari, a secret society with political purposes. He was imprisoned, went into exile, and founded Giovine Italia, a secret society that pushed for a united Italian republic. How did Mazzini's contributions factor into the formation of the EU? More... Discuss

This Day in History


US Bomber Crashes into New York's Empire State Building (1945)

On a foggy Saturday morning in July 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber accidentally crashed into the north side of the Empire State Building between the 79th and 80th floors. One of the plane's engines shot through the building and out the other side, and the other plummeted down an elevator shaft. Though 14 people died in the incident, the building was largely open for business on the following Monday. What Guinness World Record was set by elevator operator Betty Lou Oliver during the accident? More... Discuss

Today's Birthday


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929)

Onassis was the wife of US President John F. Kennedy and served as First Lady during his presidency from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. Her graciousness, elegance, and beauty endeared her to the American public, and her broad culture and ease in speaking Spanish and French impressed foreign leaders. Five years after her first husband's murder, she married Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. Upon his death in 1975, she returned to New York and became successful in what occupation? More... Discuss

Quotation of the Day

The good befriend themselves.

Sophocles (496 BC-406 BC) Discuss

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Today's Holiday


Peru Independence Day

Peru had been a colony of Spain for nearly 300 years when Simon Bolívar (1783-1830), along with José San Martín (1778-1850), led the Battle of Ayacucho in 1824 that resulted in the end of Spanish rule of Bolivia and Peru. San Martín had declared independence on July 28, 1821, but Peru's sovereignty was not secured until Bolívar's forces defeated the Spanish at Ayacucho. Celebrated all over Peru, Independence Day is a public holiday. More... Discuss