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Definition: (verb) To take in or assimilate (ideas, facts, etc.).
Synonyms:soak up, absorb
Usage:Thus, like figs, do these doctrines fall for you, my friends: imbibe now their juice and their sweet substance. Discuss.
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Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the dried inner bark of trees of the genus Cinnamomum, native to India, Sri Lanka, and Burma. It has been a favorite since Biblical times and was at one time more valuable than gold. To protect their monopoly on the valuable commodity, traders invented various tall tales about its source. One such story involved acquiring the spice from the nests of giant Arabian cinnamon birds, said to collect cinnamon sticks from parts unknown. What was another? More... Discuss
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$1 Billion Needed to Fight Ebola

With the Ebola outbreak in West Africa still uncontained, the UN is increasing its calls for funding in the fight against the epidemic from $100 million just a month ago to $1 billion today. This health crisis, the World Health Organization's assistant director-general says, is "unparalleled in modern times," with thousands infected thus far and the number of cases projected to double every three weeks if containment efforts are not stepped up. According to the president of the medical charity Doctors Without Borders, the response to the outbreak has been insufficient thus far and the window of opportunity to contain the outbreak is closing. More... Discuss
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CBS Goes on the Air (1927)

CBS was one of the three major broadcasting networks to dominate radio and television in the US before the advent of cable TV in the 1980s. CBS began radio broadcasting in 1927. A year later, businessman William S. Paley purchased the network as a vehicle through which to advertise his family's cigars. With Paley at the helm for 50 years, CBS grew into one of the most powerful radio and television broadcasting networks in the nation. What was the inspiration for its iconic symbol, the CBS eye? More... Discuss
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Lance Armstrong (1971)

Once the darling of the cycling world and a symbol of hope for those battling cancer, Armstrong recently suffered a spectacular fall from grace following revelations that the US Anti-Doping Agency possessed evidence that he had been doping since the late 1990s. He was subsequently stripped of his record seven consecutive Tour de France titles as well as his Olympic medal and banned from the sport for life. After repeated denials, Armstrong finally came clean in 2013, admitting his guilt to whom? More... Discuss
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Harm hatch, harm catch.

Aesop (620 BC-560 BC) Discuss

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Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias is the great national two-day holiday in Chile celebrating Independence Day, September 18, and Army Day, September 19. In the days preceding the holiday, fondas (fairs) pop up throughout Chile, and it is a popular time for Chilean rodeos. Huasos (cowboys) compete against one another by attempting to pin a calf against the wall of the medialuna, or arena, with their horse, and are awarded points based on which part of the horse is touching the calf. Because September marks the beginning of spring in Chile, Fiestas Patrias is also a popular occasion for kite flying. More... Discuss
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