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Noun1.1950s - the decade from 1950 to 19591950s - the decade from 1950 to 1959  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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Now, you can dance the day away to live music, treat yourself to a '50s hairdo, ride on fairground rides, or simply enjoy a milkshake in the sun at the Festival of 50s at Beamish Museum this week.
The museum's Community Participation Team is often out and about, dressed in '50s outfits, with Wanda, the amazing 1950s caravan.
In the play, the benefit of relocating to the '50s was a simpler, less stressful life, but it came at a price - enduring racial and sexual prejudice.
Brian, who works for an air conditioning company, said it was a dream come true to have a '50s style wedding with Valerie, who works in a card shop.
When you look at the '50s, by contrast, those were the days when everybody was going to work until 65 and get the gold watch at retirement" and be taken care of.
A smart, Bible-believing Tennessee gal, Page ended up in New York City in the early '50s with dreams of becoming an actress.
Any interested in 50s pop music must read GREAT PRETENDERS: MY STRANGE LOVE AFFAIR WITH '50S POP MUSIC: it tells of the mid-1960s-born author who fosters an interest in the genre as her parents' marriage mirrors the ups and downs of the 50s musical movement and finally fails.
One wall provided a backdrop for three embroidery reproductions of famous fashion photos from the '60s and '70s; on the opposite wall four scarves by designers from the '50s and '60s served as supports for more embroidery work.
The makers of that flick will know that the '50s weren't only about big-haired camp but also repression, paranoia, misguided patriotism, and the stirrings of political upheaval.
A massive 92% said they were 'happy in the '50s without any of these modern things' and 89% said it was better to be a young person then as children were allowed to be children longer and were more innocent.
WB: There were two things in the early '50s that had a big effect on me in terms of my interest in the theatre.
Steal: '50s Polka dot skirt, pounds 15, Internacionale With net underskirt, this is a perfect, cheap way of buying into the '50s thang the biggest trend for this spring.