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Noun1.1990s - the decade from 1990 to 1999
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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Saturday brings even more '90s musical joy to the Chicago area with two tours hitting town.
A fan of classic Filipino teen romantic movies, Maine Mendoza went on fangirl mode upon seeing one of the most famous teen stars of the '90s, Kim de los Santos.
The '90s was also one of the greatest decades in music - apart from the cheesy NOW albums.
There is a current wave of '90s nostalgia washing over the country.
BEIRUT: The Spring Summer 2016 hosts a variety of moods from the '70s to the comeback of the '80s power dressing, to the '90s where we started to see a reintroduction of all the trends of highlights in the fashion scene.
The popular '90s house music group is the second live instalment for the Barasti Beach Flashback series and taking place today.
Although the skating phenomenon took a slight hiatus in the '90s, its popularity is being rekindled as more skate parks, like the one in Glendale, sprout up in suburban communities.
It follows the same basic format as the original version, but the categories have a '90s feel, looking at the issues and faces of the day with "Global Village", "The A List", "Breaking News", "Retail Therapy", "Sound and Vision" and "Winners and Losers".
In fact, in Serbia during the '90s, the term normality became a kind of ideological password, part of a code meant to sublimate societal antagonisms through the invocation of "the nation" or of a postcommunist version of capitalism, or both.
Nelmor never pursued the patent, leaving John Brown Machines, Sorema in Italy, and others to commercialize combinations of wet washing and density separation in the '80s and early '90s.