's Hertogenbosch

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's Her·to·gen·bosch

 (sĕr′tō-gən-bôs′, -KHən-)
A city of south-central Netherlands north-northwest of Eindhoven. Chartered c. 1185, it was a fortress city until 1874.

's Hertogenbosch

(Dutch shɛrtoːxənˈbɔs)
(Placename) a city in the S Netherlands, capital of North Brabant province: birthplace of Hieronymus Bosch. Pop: 133 000 (2003 est). Also called: Den Bosch French name: Bois-le-Duc

's Her•to•gen•bosch

(ˈsɛr toʊ xənˌbɔs)
the capital of North Brabant, in the S Netherlands. 89,988.
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s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, painted religious pictures, scenes of heaven and hell, and allegories in which exquisite panoramas serve as background to the action of fantastic creatures and demons.
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