Arias Sanchez

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A·ri·as Sán·chez

 (ä′rē-äs sän′chĕs), Oscar Born 1940.
Costa Rican politician who as president (1986-1990) proposed an accord to bring peace to Central America, for which he won the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize. He served a second term as president from 2006 to 2010.

Arias Sánchez

(ˈærɪæs ˈsæntʃɛz)
(Biography) Oscar. born 1940, Costa Rican statesman; president (1986–90, 2006–2010); Nobel peace prize 1987

A•ri•as San•chez

(ˈɑ ri ɑs ˈsɑn tʃɛs)
Oscar, born 1941, president of Costa Rica since 1986: Nobel peace prize 1987.