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 (zîr′ōth, zē′rōth)
Of or relating to the ordinal number matching the number 0 in a series: the zeroth power of 10.


denoting a term in a series that precedes the term otherwise regarded as the first term
[C20: from zero + -th2]


(ˈzɪər oʊθ)
coming in a series before the first: the zeroth level of energy.
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Adj.1.zeroth - preceding even the first
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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The address to send shirts to is: Mamadou Sakho Shirt Signing; Liverpool Football Club; Anfield Road; Liverpool; L4 0TH.
from patientsAfter vascular access was obtained blood samples were taken from all the patients before anesthesia (Pre-operative 0th min) at the 60th min of anesthesia (Intra-operative 60th min) after anesthetic agents were stopped (Post-operative 0th min) and at Post-operative 24th hr.
9: All-Wales ploughing fundraiser, Bryngwyn Mawr, Rhuallt, LL17 0TH - POSTPONED TO MARCH 17.
amed said: gh day nt to that mily is set 0th e Prediction: Warriors by 14
6 OTH, BLOW UP UNIVERSE (LIVE WITH ANIMALS, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK; SOUTHERN EXPOSURE, SAN FRANCISCO) 0th is an art/music/performance collective of four females based in four cities.
Ghana's former President J ohn Rawlings has left for Abu ja, Nigeria, to participate in a two-day colloquium being organised by the Econo m ic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament in commemoration of the 5 0th independence anniversary of African countries.
This year marks the 0th Anniversary of he Battle of Britain and to celebrate this occasion the Nuneaton Air Cadets and local RAFA members are already nning to make this tember's Wings Appeal collection an event to remember.