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Adj.1.105 - being five more than one hundred
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Oddly, it wasn't until 600 years later, in 105 AD, that paper was invented in China.
This is home to the Lepidina Slipper, so called, as it is believed to have belonged to Lepidina the wife of the commanding officer at Vindolanda around 105 AD.
Plywood 7900BC Toothpaste 3000 BC paper 105 AD saddle 365 AD the toilet 1500's pencil 1565 batteries 1790's can opener 1813 fax 1843 hot dogs 1860's traffic light 1868 plastic 1907 sliced bread 1928 velcro 1940's post-it-notes 1980have to demist the mirror before you can use it, you'll love his DeMist Me Mirror.