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Noun1.144 - twelve dozen
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
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KARACHI -- The Government of Sindh under Section 144 (6) Cr.
KARACHI -- The Sindh Government under Section 144 (6) Cr.
Some stakeholders argued that the prior standard, Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) 144, was unnecessarily complex and difficult to apply; others argued that application of SFAS 144 too frequently resulted in small, recurring asset disposals being treated as discontinued operations.
Lake Shore Gold has found a new gold discovery in its 144 exploration area.
Individual Results: Ladies Recurve - 1, Becky Green (DNAA) 985 points 143 hits 46 golds; 2, Jackie Wilkinson (Cumbria) 957 140 42; 3, Norma Smith (SAA Northern) 954 144 43; 4, Deirdre Kennedy (DNAA) 905 131 39; 5, Sue Giles ( DNAA) 894 141 29; 6, Pat Baker (DNAA) 883 144 37; 7, Paula Atkin ( Cumbria) 837 139 26; 8, Pauline Ramsay (SAA Western) 790 138 15; 8, Chrissey Burnett (Cumbria) 777 133 25; 9, Barbara Bruce (SAA Northern) 708 143 14; 10, Alison Hunter (Cumbria) 615 117 15.
GREAT gran Dorothy Briar was horrified when British Gas told her it would cost at least pounds 144 to fix a faulty oven knob - until her son mended it for just 55 pence.
He shot even-par 144 at Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to claim a berth in the July 18-23 national boys' final at Longmeadow (Mass.
Kortec's Ultra 144 coinjection system will produce 20-g preforms at up to 250 milllon/yr.
Based on the location in red-hot Chelsea and the amount of space being offered at 144 West 18th St.
The Campanile adopted the small module as the sides of its square plan, while its final height came to 144 braccia, that is, the large module doubled.
Two common restrictions placed on the sale of stock acquired through the exercise of nonstatutory options are SEC Rule 144 and Section 16(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
With low-latency switching capability, the 11 Gbps-per-port, 144 Eu 144 VSC3040 asynchronous crosspoint switch delivers market-enabling capacity for storage, video and network equipment used in Core, Metro and Enterprise environments.