15 minutes

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Noun1.15 minutes - a quarter of an hour15 minutes - a quarter of an hour      
time unit, unit of time - a unit for measuring time periods
60 minutes, hour, hr - a period of time equal to 1/24th of a day; "the job will take more than an hour"
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I think all of these shooters, as sick as it is, are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.
And boy, weren't those 15 minutes fun" Justice Secretary Michael Gove "I am fully supportive of prostitutes.
That is the message that the non-profit Read Aloud 15 MINUTES wants parents to receive during its "Seize the Summer" campaign that kicks off on Sunday, July 5.
This morning you hit the snooze button to get an extra 15 minutes of sleep.
And your most important 15 minutes as a manager at a football match?
Leonard Cheshire Disability criticised a policy of visits where care workers spend just 15 minutes with the disabled or elderly.
Dedicating just 15 minutes a day to focus on your goals would make such a huge difference.
ISLAMABAD -- Doing just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day may add three years to your life, a large study in Taiwan has found.
A large study found that as little as 15 minutes of physical activity a day can reduce the risk of dying by 14% and increase lifespan by three years.
Islamabad/New Delhi, April 02, 2011 (Frontier Star): Pakistan on Friday claimed that a driver of its mission in New Delhi was ''arrested'' for unspecified reasons earlier this week, a charge denied by Indian security agencies which said that he was detained for questioning for 15 minutes after he entered a restricted area.
The child deposits the tickets into a special box, and a timer allows the child to see when 15 minutes have elapsed.
The late icon's older brother Jonathan Sedgwick found it jolting to relive experiences from the 1960s when his sister was known as the ``It Girl'' and, as Warhol put it, ``famous for 15 minutes.