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An antiviral drug, C14H18N6O, that is a nucleoside reverse transcriptor inhibitor and is used in its sulfate form in combination with other drugs for the treatment of HIV infection.

[aba- (perhaps from ab, first two letters of the alphabet, from the fact that it was the first of this type of antiviral developed) + -c(arbocyclic nucleoside), nucleoside whose oxygen in the sugar ring has been replaced by a carbon + a(nti)vir(al) .]


n abacavir m
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His avowal to Burghley, made as early as 1592, is famous: 'I have taken all knowledge to be my province.
1592 exempts some beverages, including all forms of milk and some forms of coffee (particularly ground and 3-in-1) because of their nutritional value and patronage among the masses, respectively.
The report said that male population comprising on 326760 whereas, the female population comprising on 321286 besides, 60 transgender, 2402 handicapped men and 1592 handicapped women while as, residential buildings in the district are 168000.
The year is 1592, and Will is just starting out on his career, finding inspiration in the unlikeliest places.
The new comedy is set in 1592 as the playwright begins to make a name for himself in London.
With his 1592 The Spanish Tragedy, playwright Kyd (1558-94) presented the first of what would be many revenge plays to hit the early modern English stage, the most famous being Hamlet.
The avenues contain numerous ancient tree specimens and many tell the stories of their creation, such as the Spanish chestnuts at Croft Castle, Herefordshire, which were planted using seeds from the Armada wrecks in 1592.
The 1592 Criminal Damage Act on Property Belonging to the Crown decrees any swan belongs to the Crown unless marked otherwise.
com, one of Watson's distant relatives was Joan Playle, an unmarried woman from Essex County, England, who was convicted of witchcraft way back in 1592, reports E
Inglot signed a 10-year lease for 675 s/f at 1592 Broadway (AKA 2 Times Square), located on the corner of 48th Street in the heart of Times Square.
El primer asentamiento lo hicieron 400 familias tlaxcaltecas evangelizadas en regimen de encomienda (los pueblos nativos rechazaron con violencia todo intento de conversion religiosa) en la actual Plaza de Fundadores el 25 de agosto de 1592, pero fue hasta el 3 de noviembre que arribaron las primeras familias espanolas.
But tree analysis has established that the panel, belonging to the National Portrait Gallery, was felled in the 16th century and the work dates from between 1560 and 1592.