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Noun1.1760s - the decade from 1760 to 17691760s - the decade from 1760 to 1769  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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Based on papers presented at a symposium at the University of Adelaide, Australia, in December 2012, along with additional chapters and responses to some papers, this volume contains 10 essays that consider the impact and influence of William BlackstoneAEs Commentaries on the Laws of England, from its publication in the 1760s to the present.
The ephemeral, contested nature of British authority during the 1760s and 1770s created openings for men like Askin to develop a trade of smuggling liquor or to challenge the Hudson's Bay Company's monopoly over the fur trade, and allowed them to boast in front of British officers of having the "Key of Canada" in their pockets.
The opera is today remembered primarily for its dramatic Sturm und Drang overture, typical of the proto-Romantic movement which shaped the German-speaking world of literature and music between the late 1760s and the early 1780s.
From the 1760s onwards, patrons gathered at his atelier to pore over drawings and prototypes, while his small staff of artisans used acid baths, mercury, and wonderfully named tools like rifflers, burins, and planishers, to turn rough alloy castings into shimmering sculptures with details as fine as dimples on goddesses' chins.
Al Zubarah town was established in the 1760s on the northern coast of Qatar.
A prospector paid a farmer a fortune to be allowed to dig for what he thought might be slate in the 1760s.
For these naturalistic paradises are classic Brown representations, which are little altered from how they looked when they were conceived in the 1760s.
It is thought that Brown, born in nearby Kirkharle, may have advised Wallington owner Sir Walter Blackett on the design of his new pleasure grounds at Rothley in the 1760s and 1770s.
Here are how 17 Merseyside Wetherspoon pubs got their names: Hoylake Lights, Hoylake | This pub is named for Hoylake's upper and lower lighthouses, known as the Hoylake Lights, which were built in the 1760s.
Photo feature by Abdullah Al-Harbi ABU DHABI, Nov 10 (KUNA) -- Qasr Al-Hosn also known as the (White Fort) in Abu Dhabi, constructed in the 1760s, reflects the history of Abu Dhabi since the 18th century.
By the early 1760s he was able to lease the mansion and estate of Llanidan, at Brynsiencyn, Anglesey, overlooking the Menai Straits.
Jacaranda: A Spanish Gypsy's Cante Jondo" is the story of a young, Spanish-Gypsy woman in 1760s Spain.