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Noun1.1880s - the decade from 1880 to 1889
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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The historic Comstock Lode deposits of Virginia City consist of a series of fault controlled vein systems which, between the 1860's and 1880's, produced a significant quantity of rich gold-silver ore.
Set on fifteen acres, Longing For Home is an enchantingly quaint 1880's style farmhouse.
Cam Gigandnet recently joined the cast of TNT's upcoming 1880's period Western series, "Gateway," as one of the leads, playing Jake Flynn, a young untamed cowboy.
including The Woolworth Building, will how add eleven historic east iron buildings dating from the 1880's to their portfolio.
The Bald Butte area was also an active gold producing area and numerous claims were brought to patent in the 1880's.
Visit the 1880's Union Station Transportation Depot & Museum to view the new exhibits.
Located in a charming 5-story historical building erected in the late 1880's, Etro has restored and recreated this two-floored space to nearly its original form, totaling almost 4,400 square feet.
In the 1880's, the area between 18th and 20th streets was home to #150 Fifth Avenue, built in 1888, which was the headquarters of the Methodist Church in New York and the Methodist Book Concern.
The Silver Horn was a top producer of very high grade silver in the 1880's.
Beginning in the 1880's, Robert Gait developed many of these large industrial buildings that once housed his corrugated paper factories.
5 billion ounces since it was first discovered in the mid 1880's with some one billion ounces still estimated to be in reserve.
The first owner of the residence was Alice Gertrude Grace, eldest daughter of shipping magnate WR Grace, who had served two terms as New York City Mayor in the 1880's She acquired the residence in 1897.