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Adj.1.190 - being ten more than one hundred eighty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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It should be helpful also to indicate briefly some of the more specific mannerisms of pseudo-classical poetry, in addition to the general tendencies named above on page 190.
In the morning a homeward- bound ship passed us hull down,--the first we had seen for months; but we were nearing the land at last, Java Head being about 190 miles off, and nearly due north.
This agreement has enabled the airline to recall 30 pilots so far and the carrier anticipates recalling another 60 pilots for the Embraer 190 flying through 2007.
CALL: 0901 190 9003 OR TEXT DRACTOR to 86600As well as phoning or texting, you can also vote on-line.
The ramp has been driven down an additional 50 meters from the 140 meter level to the 190 meter level at the Island deposit and will provide a platform to access mineralized zones.
The airline said that this agreement increases AeroRepublica's delivery commitments to eight Embraer 190 aircraft through 2007, three of which will be leased through GECAS and five purchased directly form the manufacturer.
TAME of Ecuador took delivery of a 104-seat Embraer 190.
CALL: 0901 190 9003 OR TEXT DRALBUM to 86600As well as phoning or texting, you can also vote on-line.
PANAMA CITY, Panama -- Copa Airlines confirmed an order for two more Embraer 190 aircraft, adding to the original firm order for 10 aircraft that the airline announced in 2004.
Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer (NYSE: ERJ; Bovespa: EMBR3 and EMBR4) and Regional, a subsidiary of Air France, announced on Monday (5 September) the signature of the final contract for the purchase of six EMBRAER 190 LR aircraft with six options for the same model.
CALL: 0901 190 9002 OR TEXT DRSINGLE to 86600As well as phoning or texting, you can also vote on-line.
Nate Hair 6-5 190 G 28 Mission Viejo Capistrano Valley