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Noun1.1950s - the decade from 1950 to 19591950s - the decade from 1950 to 1959  
decade, decennary, decennium - a period of 10 years
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WE'RE used to seeing it portrayed as the post-war decade of dull austerity but at Beamish this weekend they're out to show the colourful side of the 1950s.
A TOY shop and dolls' hospital has won a public vote in Middlesbrough for a 1950s shop at Beamish Museum.
Hop aboard the 1950s bus at the award-winning museum and be transported back to the days of teddy boys, Pathe News and petticoats - from today until Sunday, July 17.
THE BBC's latest season of music programmes, My Generation, kicks off with a somewhat poignant programme with Sir Tom Jones talking about the 1950s in Tom Jones' 1950s: The Decade That Made Me.
He provides a history of Gretsch serial numbers and background on the primary features and components of the 1950s guitars, then describes specific models and their model year debut, standard specifications, and model year feature evolutions, with photos of the model and some of later model year evolutions and alternate finish options of the base model, as well as a projection of total production volume for each model (in most cases).
It has been said that people were happier in the 1950s than in the 21st century, despite incomes now being three times what they were then.
While income is now three times higher than in the 1950s, the real price of the cheapest brand of alcohol is one-fifth its 1950s cost, according to research presented at the APHA Annual Meeting.
Maybe a new book, A 1950s Housewife, will be able to give me some old-fashioned pointers.
Almost everyone agrees that racial discrimination in the United States has changed drastically since the 1950s.
Canlis, a noted Seattle restaurant, is feting the occasion by offering customers 1950s prices, with a catch.
SCHOOLCHILDREN put on a play inspired by their grandparents' memories of the 1950s last night.