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It was the most memorable of decades and now the 1970s is recalled in a new book that features the events, people and stories from the North East at that time.
A postcard of the monkeys at Lambton Lion Park, Co Durham, all images from the book North East Life in the 1970s, Summerhill Books
It's a far cry from the basic facilities of yesteryear, as these fascinating pictures from the 1970s show
Facilities were rather more basic for Cardiff University students in the 1970s
American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1970s continues the series of color hardcover histories exploring each decade of comic book history from the 1940s to modern times, and is highly recommended for any collection strong in graphic arts presentations, comic book history and culture, and 1970s American society.
The Breakthrough: Human Rights in the 1970s (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press 2014)
Some subjects examined include black British culture and fiction in the 1970s, rewriting history in 1970s fiction, and American reception of British novels.
The presentation is clearly organized in chapters on background, conflict and cooperation on trade issues, crisis and unstable recovery during the early 1970s, the slackening of growth in the EC countries, the growth and impact of protectionism, multilateral negotiations under the Carter administration, and an overview of the 1970s from the perspective of the 1980s.
But memories of the 1970s will flood back now that a team of history students at the University of Huddersfield have played a key role in researching a major new exhibition called Silver 70s which is opening in Leeds.
Stayin' Alive: The 1970s and the Last Days of the Working Class, by Jefferson Cowie.
Any comics history holding must acquire Marvel Comics in the 1970s, a foundation title providing an issue by issue field guide to Marvel's various comic productions in the 1970s.
GARDEN bird feeders are attracting almost 50 per cent more species than in the 1970s, research by the British Trust for Ornithology said today.