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n.1.(Chem.) Any one of several metameric alkaloids, C5H3N.(CH3)2, of the pyridine series, obtained from bone oil as liquids, and having peculiar pungent odors. These alkaloids are also called respectively dimethyl pyridine, ethyl pyridine, etc.
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Various oligosaccharides having an N-acetylglucosamine unit at the reducing end such as chitooligosaccharides and N-acetyllactosamine were converted to the corresponding [beta]-glycosyl azides in good yields in the presence of 2,6-lutidine as a base.
The reaction of PC13 with nucleosides in the presence of 2,6-lutidine at low temperature followed by sequential conjugations and final cyclization reaction produced cyclic triphosphotriester compounds containing three nucleosides.
The reaction of this tridentate scaffold with phosphorous trichloride in the presence of 2,6-lutidine at low temperature, followed by sequential conjugation reaction with, FLT, AZT and 3TC.