change of direction

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Noun1.change of direction - the act of changing the direction in which something is oriented
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
turn - the act of turning away or in the opposite direction; "he made an abrupt turn away from her"
turnabout, reversion, turnaround, reversal, reverse - turning in the opposite direction
change of course - a change in the direction that you are moving
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The 2006 Lebanon war was itself intended to spread to Syria and lead to Assad's overthrow, as I explained in my book Israel and the (http://www.
In 2007, Bishara fled Israel on charges of having a relationship with Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon war, submitting his resignation from the Knesset to the Israeli consul in Cairo, before later settling in Doha.
Amir Eshel said qualitative and quantitative improvements in the air force since the 2006 Lebanon war meant it could carry out in just two or three days the same number of bombings it mounted in those 34 days of fighting.
In a briefing to reporters, Forman said the drill was not based on a specific threat or intelligence information, but rather on lessons learned from Israel's 2006 Lebanon war, when civilians were left to their own devices.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Despite losing the 2006 Lebanon war, some Israeli army commanders foolishly promise "another victory", describing how the next war against Hezbollah could unfold, and how "ferocious" and "terrible" it will be
Hezbollah's status in the wider Sunni Arab world has dropped precipitously since its height a decade ago after the 2006 Lebanon War.
In Lebanon, Mughniyeh's wave of kidnappings and cross-border attacks on Israel were perceived in Lebanon as reasons for Israel's official withdrawal in 2000, as well as Hizbullah's perceived victory in the 2006 Lebanon War.
Yaalon said Hezbollah should be mindful of the 2006 Lebanon war, when Israel responded to a spate of cross-border attacks by the militant group with a large-scale air, ground and sea offensive.
For his part, Yaghi stressed that Syria, as it is fighting its battle against terrorism, will achieve victory just as victory was attained over the Israeli enemy in 2006 Lebanon war.
Aside from occasional attacks against Israel from across the Blue Line, Hezbollah has avoided open confrontation with Israel since the 2006 Lebanon war.
Israel has lost 63 soldiers and three civilians, its highest death toll since the 2006 Lebanon war.
It was the largest number of soldiers killed in combat since the 2006 Lebanon war.