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A state of indecisive agitation.
intr.v. dith·ered, dith·er·ing, dith·ers
To be nervously irresolute in acting or doing.

[Alteration of didder, from Middle English dideren, to tremble; see diddle2.]
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Noun1.dithering - the process of representing intermediate colors by patterns of tiny colored dots that simulate the desired color
video digitizing - the process of capturing and converting and storing video images for use by a computer


nj (Comput: graphics mode) → Farbmischung f
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It supports 18-bit and 24-bit color and full motion video and compensates for any color shifts caused by LCD components such as CCFLs and optical films.
New to the IRIS Indigo line are such features as true 24-bit color, workstation-class resolution, a 72 Hz refresh rate, FDDI connectivity and new graphics capabilities.
The DocuScan 9000 also offers a 500-page automatic document feeder module; document skew detection and correction; a manual feed module; integrated capture and transport control software; and a 24-bit color image capture camera with selectable, simultaneous output of any combination of color, grayscale and bitonal images.
1, 4MB of RAM, an 80MB hard drive, a color monitor, a high-resolution graphics adapter card (a 24-bit color display system is recommended for professional-quality image enhancement) and a mouse.
99, the RC800 features 24-bit color scanning in addition to black and white and standard color, at resolutions up to 400 dpi (dots per inch).
The Library of Congress scans cartographic materials at 300 dots per inch (dpi) with tonal resolution of 24-bit color and saves files in TIFF non-compressed file format.
CRT, LCD, plasma or projection displays can be converted into a high-resolution television screen up to 1024 X 768, with 24-bit color and a full-screen image.
s optical character recognition (OCR) program, to the software bundles of its entire line of black & white, grayscale and 24-bit color flatbed scanners.
The Express DVI D-C products are rack-mountable and support a graphic data rate up to SXGA (1280X1024), 24-bit color and 60Hz refresh rate with standard DVI-D connectivity for the display peripherals and video source.
JPEG2000 is the latest still image compression standard available today, designed to increase the compression ratio and quality of digital still images and text, while maintaining the 24-bit color and multi-platform compatibility advantages of the current JPEG standard.
The ScanMaker II 24-bit color scanner is now expected to retail at around $550, a reduction from its current street price around $675.
The newest release of the DocuPen RC800 offers a 24-bit color scanning option as well as the 12-bit color, grayscale and monochrome scanning modes available in earlier editions, enabling business and student users to scan items ranging from newspapers, magazines, books, notes, court documents, medical records and reference materials to photos, receipts, contracts, sketches, certificates, invoices, maps and blueprints.