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Noun1.XOR gate - gate for exclusive OR; a circuit in a computer that fires only if only one of its inputs fire
logic gate, gate - a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs
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We are very pleased with the Cumberland 4070 granulator and the smooth way the whole transaction was handled from initial order to installation," said Recycled UK's Paul Green.
360 Share price in pence TESCO 345 FTSE-Rebased 330 315 300 Jul 10, 2012 Jan 10, 20134340 Food & Drug Retailers 4205 4070 3935 FTSE Rebased Jul 10, 2012 Jan 10, 2013 3800
Federal district courts have exclusive jurisdiction of civil actions under ERISA Section 4070.
The OPTISWIRL 4070 C flowmeter is a multi-variable instrument that combines a vortex flow sensor with built-in temperature compensation and optionally available integrated pressure in a two-wire configuration.
Wet safety kits, which include quizzes, colouring sheets, competitions, free gifts and prizes, are available to schools on 0121 362 4070.
El fabricante presento dos modelos de escaneres: HP Scanjet 4070 Photosmart y HP Scanjet 5590 y dos multifuncionales: HP PSC 1315 y HP Officejet 4255, con caracteristicas que satisfacen las necesidades en hogar y empresas de mediano tamano.
To nominate a bus driver contact the Arriva hotline on: (0121) 362 4070.
For more information on the full range of discounted chalets, visit Alpine Elements' New Year page or call them on 0844 770 4070.
To volunteer or to find out more, call 029 2023 4070.
Anyone interested in taking part should contact the company's inspector hotline on (0121) 362 4070.
Tenders are invited for The right to enter into an Agreement for construction and installation work on the project: "Replacement of TP 4070 on 2BKTP" for the needs of OJSC "Yekaterinburg Electric Network Company".
CWS' software reliability test solutions are a natural extension to the reliability solutions already supported by the Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer and the Agilent 4070 series of parametric testers," said Minoru Ebihara, vice president and general manager of Agilent Hachioji Semiconductor Test Division.