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(nɪnˈtɛn doʊ) Trademark.
1. a system for playing video games.
2. any game designed for this system.
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The Giants, who missed the services of reliable big man Jan Colina due to a shoulder injury, improved to 20 after scraping past new team Bread Story, 7974, last Thursday.
Tickers featured: 0053, 3337, 7974, AIT_SP, AJA, EBAY, EDFDFLI, EMG_LN, GOOG, IACI, YHOO.
uk/locator or call 0800 032 7974 to speak to an advisor.
uk Hair and make-up: Andrea Daley and Natalie Dawling at Barbara Daley Hair and Beauty, 29-31 Lime St Liverpool, L1 0151 709 7974 Stockist: The Metquarter, 35, Whitechapel, Liverpool.
com or contact the stores on 04 398 9410 (Satwa) or 04 361 7974 (Greens).
Anyone interested can contact Kristen Hollands at the School of Health Science on 0121 414 7974 or email k.
The barometer reports: "Between 1995 and 1999 this sector developed in a continuous manner, going from 6837 Mwe up to 7974 Mwe.
Get the look by first applying a light mousse such as Kerastase Elasto Curl, then wrap your hair around your fingers to create loose ringlets or alternatively try twisting the hair and pinning up the piecesp All hair and make-up by the artistic team at Barbara Daley Hair & Beauty, Lime Street, Liverpool 0151 709 7974
To report a noise-related problem, call the service on (0191) 424 7974.
Bookings by phone on 0151 201 5095 or 0151 639 7974.
With the first pre-season training night scheduled for 7pm on Thursday, July 12, any players, new or old interested in playing are asked to get in touch with club secretary Lindsey Griffiths on 077 8054 7974.