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represented in two dimensions


A four-dimensional hypercube.

[Greek tessera, neuter pl. of tesseres, four; see tessera + aktīs, ray of light; see actino-.]


(Mathematics) maths a cube inside another cube
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Noun1.tesseract - the four-dimensional analogue of a cube
cube, regular hexahedron - a hexahedron with six equal squares as faces
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They chose H3k9me3, H3K27me3, H3K4me3, and H3ac to perform the micro-ChIP assay with a micro-ChIP method published on nature protocols and found that lncRNA expression rose as H3K4me3 increased and developed from 8-cell stage to blastocyst.
Mitalipov did not encounter these problems, but he never wished to implant the modified blastocysts and destroyed them at the 8-cell stage.
Similar to our results, Gelber et al observed that ESGM supported in vitro development of 8-cell embryos to blastocysts; however, when embryos were cultured from the 2-cell stage, such benefits were not observed (45).
It is well known that growth and blastocysts at the 8-cell stage need a more complex environment, but the recent formulation of highly specialized media has permitted the preservation of blastocysts in vitro (8-10).
After fertilization process the eggs develop into 2-cell, 4-cell, 8-cell, 16-cell stages and so on until a blastula stage (128-cell stage) is formed (Sewel and Young, 1999).
Embryonic development had progressed to the 8-cell and 16-cell stages by 3 h postfertilization and to the 32-cell stage by 4 h postfertilization.
Two other studies have reported that in human and porcine embryo, glucose uptake is minimal during early embryo developmental stage and is increased rapidly after 8-cell stage (Conaghan et al.
As is known human embryos at 4- to 8-cell and mouse embryos at 1- to 2-cell are undergoing ZGA (zygotic gene activation) phase, which is a key process of maternal to zygotic transition [29, 30].
Researchers found that by using single-cell genetic profiling and noninvasive imaging they were able to identify chromosomally normal and abnormal embryos up to the 8-cell stage of development.
The first clear zygotic gene expression begins at the 16-cell stage, although some genes that start to be expressed at the 16-cell stage are also expressed faintly at the 8-cell stage.
Plus, the Lenovo's 8-cell lithium-polymer battery lets users run the device for up to two hours, adding a dimension of mobility to an otherwise large device.