a cappella

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a cap·pel·la

 (ä′ kə-pĕl′ə)
adv. Music
Without instrumental accompaniment.

[Italian : a, in the manner of + cappella, chapel, choir.]

a cappella


a capella

adj, adv
(Classical Music) music without instrumental accompaniment
[Italian: literally, according to (the style of the) chapel]

a cap•pel•la

(ˌɑ kəˈpɛl ə)
adv., adj.
without instrumental accompaniment.
[1875–80; < Italian: in the manner of a chapel (choir)]
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Adj.1.a cappella - sung without instrumental accompaniment; "they sang an a cappella Mass"
unaccompanied - playing or singing without accompaniment; "the soloist sang unaccompanied"
Adv.1.a cappella - without musical accompaniment; "they performed a cappella"
a cappella
a cappella
반주 없게
ad sacellum
a cappella

a cappella

adv singa cappella
adjA-cappella- attr inv
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Lucia, the lead singer of the band, was born in Nagaland and has come back from the UK after her musical journey through Berklee College of Music, bands called Jazz Urbane, Semper Soul and 51, and a'capella groups like The Singing Tribe and Sung Deep along with a teaching stint at City Music, a non- profit organisation called Zumix and School of Groove in Cambridge till 2014.
WEST BOYLSTON -- The Post Road Sweet Adelines a'capella singers will perform at Briarwood Continuing Care Retirement Community, 65 Briarwood Circle, Tuesday, Aug.
Following the opening address, guests enjoyed a magnificent buffet of international cuisine amid the beautiful outdoor setting, before being entertained by international a'capella phenomenon, The Swingle Singers.