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Byline: Abdullah AlShammari, A'man Inayah, Nasir Ali Afsar, Akram Nurhussen, Amna Siddiqui, Muhammad Lucman Anwer, Sadek Obeidat, Mohammed Khaled Bakro, Tawfik Samer Abu Assale, Eyad Almidani, Abdullah Alsonbul, Sami Alhaider, Ibrahim Bin Hussain, Emad Khadawardi and Muhammad Zafar
Provided intelligence from the IDF'S A'MAN (the Hebrew acronym for Agaf Mode'In), its intelligence branch, the Sayeret Mat'kal (the General Staff's own reconnaissance commando unit) mobilized, rehearsed its plans, flew 2,500 miles, and struck at the Entebbe airport, rescuing more than 100 passengers and crew with a minimum loss of life.
This thinking, in turn, blinded the IDF's military intelligence branch, A'MAN, to the likelihood of war in early October, despite an enormous amount of credible information from a range of human and electronic sources pointing precisely in that direction.