curate's egg

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cu·rate's egg

n. Chiefly British
Something with both good and bad qualities.

[From a cartoon published in the British humor magazine Punch in 1895 about a curate who, having been served a bad egg by his bishop, said that parts of it were excellent.]

curate's egg

something that has both good and bad parts
[C20: derived from a cartoon in Punch (November, 1895) in which a timid curate, who has been served a bad egg while breakfasting with his bishop, says that parts of the egg are excellent]

cu′rate's egg′

something of mixed quality.
[after a cartoon by German. du Maurier in the English weekly Punch (Nov. 9, 1895): a meek curate, when served a bad egg at the bishop's table, replies that “parts of it are excellent”]
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IN the end Euro 2016 turned into a bit of a curate's egg.
Both Carmarthenshire clubs have had a curate's egg of a season but the home side edged an error strewn game at Parc Y Scarlets.
There is much here of value but it still resembles a curate's egg, even if that curate were R.
NEWSBOY SAYS: Form something of a curate's egg, though little wrong against Wishfull Thinking, who won here on Thursday.