a baker's dozen

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(beik) verb
1. to cook in an oven. I'm going to bake (bread) today; She baked the ham.
2. to dry or harden by heat. The sun is baking the ground dry.
baked adjective
baked ham; freshly baked bread.
ˈbaker noun
1. a person who bakes. He is a qualified baker; She is a good baker.
2. a baker's shop.
ˈbakeryplural ˈbakeries noun
a place where baking is done and / or where bread, cakes etc are sold. I bought some cakes at the bakery.
ˈbaking noun
the act or art of cooking bread, cakes etc.
baking powder
a powder used to make cakes etc rise. This sponge cake is very flat – you can't have used enough baking powder.
a baker's dozen
References in classic literature ?
Give me a baker's dozen of minutes with it and it shall pleasure me to crack that pate of yours for your sauciness
No, indeed; I never care to hatch eggs unless I've a nice snug nest, in some quiet place, with a baker's dozen of eggs under me.
Warburtons is holding a Baker's Dozen giveaway in which it plans to reward 13 local good causes with a cash boost of pounds 130.