A month ago

A month ago   
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And he who has shown the greatest longing for him has been the great Emperor of China, who wrote me a letter in Chinese a month ago and sent it by a special courier.
It's certainly not how the Angels wanted it, but considering their deficit was seven games a month ago, they aren't devastated by the series result.
Over the past seven years she has achieved an outstanding number of qualifications including NVQ Administration level 2 and 3, NVQ Customer Service Level 2 and 3, Key Skills and only a month ago her Foundation Modern Apprenticeship.
Right now, it's a different rotation than the one we had mapped out a month ago,'' Scioscia said.
I'm guessing that if that Denver-Lakers game had been played a month ago, at the start of this string of losses to fired-up cellar-dwellers, the fans would have been screaming bloody murder.
Ironically, it was only a month ago Evans spoke with the agents of Baldwin and Adams and expressed a desire to retain their services.
212 batting average of a month ago cannot be attributed to cholesterol.
The doctor told me a month ago that the part (of the ligament) that's still attached might never tear,'' Salmon said.
A little more than a month ago, Watson told the rookie All-Star, ``I'm going to catch you in wins.