Australopithecus africanus

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Noun1.Australopithecus africanus - gracile hominid of southern AfricaAustralopithecus africanus - gracile hominid of southern Africa; from about 3 million years ago
Australopithecus, genus Australopithecus - extinct genus of African hominid
australopithecine - any of several extinct humanlike bipedal primates with relatively small brains of the genus Australopithecus; from 1 to 4 million years ago
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sediba as a distinct species, probably closely related to A.
The researchers examined two forms of the element carbon preserved in tooth enamel from four A.
McHenry bases his argument on analysis and comparison of limb bones and joint sizes in a partial A.
They found, for example, that the extent of cranial variation in modern human samples met or exceeded the corresponding variation in 10 Australopithecus africanus skulls, 12 skulls from both A.
The bones most likely belong to a species of Australopithecus, perhaps the earliest known A.
The most striking discovery is a partial skeleton of an A.
habilis possesses a jaw joint positioned much like that of A.
A specimen consisting of an upper jaw and partial face has bony pillars on each side of the nasal opening that resemble those of A.