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Noun1.A. E. Housman - English poet (1859-1936)
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Back when I studied for my English Literature A-level at Walbottle Comprehensive, our main poet was A.
Read aloud by veteran actor Samuel West, A Shropshire Lad is the audiobook rendition of classic poems by A.
Smart lad, to slip bedtimes away From fields where glory does not stay To An Athlete Dying Young A.
She also points this out in her choice of the book's title, which comes from a line in a poem by A.
Which is why it's almost impossible to imagine the Bromsgrove-born bard, A.
5) Carol Efrati's recent book, The Road of Danger, Guilt, and Shame: The Lonely Way of A.
If football skill was in any way proportional to your command of the language we'd probably be rating A.
Vincent Millay (with a particular twinkle in her eye); and Hume Cronyn--father of Tandy, in his last performance in front of a camera--reading A.
It is a successful and artistically satisfying poem, but there are good reasons not to identify the speaker with A.
He naturally proceeded on to King's College, Cambridge, where he was much influenced by the lectures of A.
In his literary masterpiece, A Shropshire Lad, poet A.