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1. advance.
2. adverb.
3. adverbial.
4. against.
5. advertisement.
6. adviser.
7. advisory.
[< Latin adversus]
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Total CFE Exchangewide ADV at CFE was 174,061 contracts in November, up 24 percent from November 2014 but a decrease of 4 percent from October 2015.
ADV Manufacturing is committed to helping create the next chapter of Coventry's motoring history through world class automotive manufacturing projects and so the chance to merge past with present is a great fit for us.
ADV will build the plant next to its existing premises, with a view to delivering the first petrolengined versions in December.
This is a nine per cent increase over the previous record of 6,415 ADV in May 2012, 38 per cent higher than June last year and is a 32 per cent increase on last month.
The June volumes soared from the previous record of 6,415 ADV in May 2012 and was 32 per cent higher when compared to last month, said a top official.
Trouble often starts when the adviser says one thing in its Form ADV but then deviates substantially from this disclosed practice by engaging in conduct that benefits the adviser or some preferred client.
ADV Films' publishing wing will be called ADV Manga, and it hopes to publish up to 600 titles in the next few years, with 18 coming at the start of 2004.
Building on the success of Robotech on DVD, ADV FILMS is currently planning a DVD only release of this title.
At the end of July, the SEC approved filing fees for a new online ADV registration system.
Since the ADV is only the latest 10-year history, it might be wise to ask if the adviser has ever been sanctioned or had an adverse judgment related to investment activities that doesn't show up on the ADV.
RegEd simultaneously announces new innovative electronic solution for filing Form ADV Part 2B
6 million total options and futures contracts and ADV of 4.