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PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS/INNOVATIONS II-31 Dow Corning Develops New Thermally Conductive Automotive Adhesives II-31 Adchem Launches 7833 PET II-31 Schreiner ProTech Unveils Self-Adhesive Film II-31 Henkel Develops Novel High-Performance Automotive Adhesives II-31 Chemence Introduces KRYLEX II-31 Scapa Rolls Out New Line of AFT, AFFT and TCT II-31 5.
The AFFT may be distinctive among foreign franchise laws in imposing serious criminal liability (up to five years in jail) for failing to provide a disclosure document.
Cobham s AFFT will enable the aircraft s core mission capabilities, including increased range for search and rescue operations and maximised fuel offload for air-to-air refuelling.