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 (ā′jē), James Rufus 1909-1955.
American writer and critic noted for his collaboration with photographer Walker Evans on Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (1941), a bleak depiction of rural poverty, as well as for his posthumously published novel A Death in the Family (1957).


(əˈdʒiː) or


awry, crooked, or ajar
awry; at an angle
[C19: a-2 + gee1]


(Biography) James. 1909–55, US novelist, poet, and film critic. His works include the autobiographical novel A Death in the Family (1957)


(ˈeɪ dʒi)

James, 1909–55, U.S. author and film critic.
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Noun1.Agee - United States novelist (1909-1955)
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Come, speak frankly, mon fils; elle est encore jeune, plus agee que toi peut-etre, mais juste asset pour unir la tendresse d'une petite maman a l'amour d'une epouse devouee; n'est-ce pas que cela t'irait superieurement?
The next morning, writes historian Christopher Lowen Agee in his book The Streets of San Francisco, "arrested bar-goers often went home to find themselves in the press and out of a job.
Sterne Agee, a privately owned wealth management and institutional services firms in the US, has announced the appointments of Peter Majar and Ben Holman as managing directors in its Financial Institutions Group.
Until now, Sterne Agee Mortgage offered banks various tiers of service options in their correspondent channel only.
The Sterne Agee analysis adds, "Reinsurance pricing and terms are both under pressure given ample capacity and increasing alternative capital in the marketplace.
Agee, who accepts the older age, reported in the February study that the meteorite contains more than 10 times as much water as any other Martian sample, a strong sign that the Red Planet originally had a tinge of blue.
We envision an immediate impact in Europe and are excited that the door to international growth has been opened," said Eric Needleman, Head of Fixed Income for Sterne Agee in New York.
I am excited to join the Sterne Agee team and eager to continue serving investors," said Mohs.
of Tennessee) compiles a range of essays on the works of James Agee mainly from the centennial anniversary symposium held at the University of Tennessee in 2009.
Since the early '90s, Agee has been riffing on delftware, the Dutch pottery known for its inky blue brushstrokes.
Agee has served the company since it's inception in 2006 as the chief marketing officer (CMO) as well as handling HR and sales support.
When Agee finished the manuscript of his magazine article, he realized that it was a failure.