basic point defense missile system

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Noun1.basic point defense missile system - a shipboard missile systembasic point defense missile system - a shipboard missile system    
shipboard system - a system designed to work as a coherent entity on board a naval ship
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They provide the structural and electrical interfaces that enable the aircraft to carry and launch missiles such as the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM), the AIM-7 Sparrow and the AIM-9X Sidewinder.
PHOTO Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Jacques Devries loads an AIM-7 Sparrow medium-range, air-to-air missile onto an F-14B Tomcat aboard the USS George Washington in the Persian Gulf.
The Mk 58 rocket motor is used to propel the air-to-air AIM-7 Sparrow and the surface-to-air RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile systems.