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conj.1.Although; albeit.
Albe Clarissa were their chiefest founderess.
- Spenser.
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Vanca Lumsden, owner of Albe Rustic Furniture in Whidbey Island, Wash.
does not pot of cash after the of EA are Newcastle from Germain But through S S nearing a PS3million deal for Bristol City wingA wh l k PSSWAN SWANSEA EA n aring a PS3million winger Albe t lbert Adomah, who looks set domah, who looks set to leave the Championship srugglers in January.
Ye sonnes of Venus, play your sports at will, For greedy pleasure, carelesse of your toyes, Thinks more upon her paradise of joyes, Then what ye do, albe it good or ill.
Vinciguerra P, Albe E, Trazza s, Rosetta P, Vinciguerra R, Seiler T, Epstein D (2009) Refractive, topographic, tomographic, and aberrometric analysis of keratoconic eyes undergoing corneal cross-linking.
The recycled water is fit for consumption by animals," said Omeya's director, Albe Botha in an interview with the Economist recently.
Patricia Sweetser; her grandson, Michael Gulbicki; her brothers: Stanley, Frank and Walter Kulesza; and 3 sisters: Mary Libuda, Veronica Albe and Josephine Kosnick.
La mijlocul secolului al XVIII-lea, continua inca enigmele, marile lacune, reprezentate pe hartile epocii de pete albe sau mentiunea terra incognita.
pier pace and incisive ds were all huff and no it to break down a team ed by the wily Hodgson; re to meet in Hamburg, n would certainly be no Steven Ger Mascherano galvanise Live their colleag races; Albe Rodriguez an to impose contest.