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or M.I.S.,

management information system.


a prefix applied to various parts of speech, meaning “ill,” “mistaken,” “wrong,” “wrongly,” “incorrectly,” or simply negating: mistrial; misprint; mistrust.
[Middle English; Old English mis(se)-; c. Old Frisian, Old Saxon, Old Norse mis-, Old High German missa-, missi-, Gothic missa- (see miss1)]


var. of miso- before some vowels: misanthrope.
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The AMH levels are also important for any woman undergoing IVF procedure to know her responsiveness to the treatment.
This led to the development of the Mason Memorial Hospital in 1903, which transitioned into AMH in 1926.
Healthcare company Beckman Coulter Diagnostics stated on Thursday that its automated Access AMH immunoassay for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) has successfully passed the US FDA's clearance for use in the nation.
With the new AMH system, CCB will provide a package of integrated services including network access, agency messaging, product application, system maintenance and integrated account management, in line with SWIFT messaging standards.
The current study was planned to evaluate the strength of AMH in reflecting various stages of ovarian insufficiency.
The FSH level, antral follicle count (AFC) on initial scan and AMH level were also recorded in the performa.
Laboratory investigations like serum FSH, LH, AMH were performed using the Immunotech EIA AMH/MIS assay (Beckman-Coulter Inc.
Funds raised in the first five years of the tournament were used for the construction of the AMH 2000 building which connects the original hospital buildings via a bridge over one of the busiest roads in Manama.
AMH is a product of ovarian granulosa cells commonly used in fertility clinics to gauge ovarian reserve, but AMH levels also decline during menopause, and in a fairly stable fashion, he explained.
He stressed HM the King's keenness on expanding AMH healthcare services to cover the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, which reflects royal trust in the hospital's pivotal role.
Generally, a woman with a low AMH level for her age could expect to go through an earlier menopause, while someone with a high level at the same age might expect this to occur later.