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alternative minimum tax


abbreviation for
(Accounting & Book-keeping) amount




ABBR =amountimpte
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Taxpayers should first understand whether they are at risk for the AMT.
As a member of AMT, you know that AMT is a nationally and internationally recognized certification agency and membership society for allied health professionals.
The tax base for AMT purposes is calculated by adjusting regular taxable income before net operating losses for certain preference and adjustment items.
The AMT was created in the 1960s as a way to keep wealthy taxpayers from using loopholes to avoid paying taxes, but because it was not automatically updated for inflation, it ended up hitting more middle-class taxpayers.
Celerio, the first car in India with AMT technology has been raking in tremendous response in the domestic market.
This advice must be taken with caution for most taxpayers subject to the AMT because of the "stealth tax" effect of the AMT exemption phaseout detailed below.
7 billion cost for the one-year fix to the AMT has been an ongoing source of debate between the House and the Senate.
Growing Effect of the AMT The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate, Nina Olson, has reported that:
And the major burden for that 80 percent is not the income tax or the AMT, it is the FICA, or Social Security tax.
On December 21, 2000, Robert Merlo purchased stock valued at $1,075,289 for $9,225 under an incentive stock option plan of his employer, Exodus Company Although the $1,066,064 difference between the fair value and the purchase price of the stock was not currently income for the regular tax, the bargain purchase element did represent AMT income in 2000, resulting in an AMT liability of $286,483.
And this is where a particular value of AMT emerges in our information age.
The taxpayer is required to pay the higher of regular tax or AMT.