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Adj.1.ASAT - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbitASAT - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit; "antisatellite weapons"
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A directional analysis reveals that in the frame of reference of the satellite at fragmentation looking vertically downwards, the ASAT most likely came from the left; from slightly behind; and from slightly above the horizontal plane.
The ASAT products acquisition will complement Alstom Grid s MiCOM protection relay range and increase the offering of the DS Agile digital control systems.
At the very core of its tenets, ASAT teaches Soldiers how to be more situationally aware through human behavior pattern recognition and analysis.
THAT the sale of 1,035 shares of ASAT Limited, which constitutes the entire issued and fully paid up share capital of ASAT Limited (the "Sale Shares", as defined in the sale and purchase agreement entered into on 31 December 2009 between the Company, New ASAT (Finance) Limited and the Purchaser (as defined below) (the "SPA")) and all of the Company's right, title and interest to the inter-company receivables owing to the Company, as lender, by ASAT Limited, as borrower (the "ASAT Holdings Loan Receivables") to United Test and Assembly Center Ltd.
The direct-ascent ASAT appears to be part of a larger Chinese ASAT program that includes ground-based lasers and jamming of satellite signals.
To apply Lean concepts to the battalion's ASAT business process three basic Lean principles (3) were applied:
ASAT Holdings Limited is a global provider of semiconductor assembly, test, and package design services.
Before joining ASAT, Teng was a vice president at Cadence Design Systems Asia and was responsible for Asia Pacific sales.
ASAT selected Camstar and IBM to provide total integration between ASAT's SAP R/3 Enterprise solution as part of the mySAP Business Suite family of solutions and Camstar's MES InSite Semiconductor TAP Edition.
European IC producers are rapidly raising the stakes in semiconductor innovation, which is why ASAT sees this market as a vital growth opportunity.
Brown says the Soviet Union, which has not conducted ASAT tests since June 1982, has promised to continue its moratorium as long as the United States also refrains from space testing.