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(Animals) another name for the silver orfe. See orfe
[C19: from New Latin idus, from Swedish id]


or -id

a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds.


intact dilatation and extraction.


Integrated Drive Electronics: a standard for computer interface ports that allows the disk controller of an IDE-compatible hard drive or CD-ROM drive to be integrated into the disk itself. Compare EIDE, SCSI.
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Tenders are invited for imac 27-inch with retina 5k: srorage (065-c3df), itb seal ata drive @ 5400 rpm mouse and trackpad: (065-c36h) - apple magic mouse 2.
Coyne noted that WD continues to realize tangible benefits from its investments in technology, products, processes and capacity over the last several years, enabled by the strongest balance sheet in the industry: o The company continues to lead the industry in time-to-market volume shipments of leading capacity points in all segments of the ATA drive market with its WD ScorpioA Blueao 1 TB, 750 GB and 640 GB hard drives utilizing 333 GB-per-platter technology.
The Southeast Alabama Medical Center is using Digi-Data's scalable T-2000 controller, with a 48-bay serial ATA drive enclosure, to deliver high-capacity, high-performance storage over disk arrays.
The A60 is also equipped with serial ATA drive support, hard drives of up to 2 X 500GB, DDR2 memory support and nVidia GF 6100 integrated graphics.
Designed with 14 independent 500GB Ultra ATA drive channels, the dual independent RAID controllers with 512 MB cache per controller offer sustained throughput of over 385MBps.
Features include 30 Gigaflops of processing power per system, a new system controller with up to 8Gb of PC3200 ECC memory and three hot-plug Serial ATA drive modules for 750GB of storage.
If an FDE drive is identified, BounceBack Professional will allow the user to set an ATA password on the external FDE drive that is consistent with the encoding and locking method supported within the ATA drive locking feature of the system's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).
Hard Drive: (065-C2NK) - 1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
The J100 and J105 both include serial ATA drive support, six USB 2.
LSI Logic is ensuring viable and interoperable Serial ATA RAID solutions by collaborating with Serial ATA drive makers on extensive compatibility testing programs to assure customers that LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA storage adapters and peripherals are fully compliant with the Serial ATA/High Speed Serialized AT Attachment specification.
Domain security and quotas, SCSI, Fibre Channel and ATA drive support.
If your machine is an older computer with an IDE or parallel ATA drive interface, the speed benefit you'd realize from investing in an SSD isn't big enough to justify the expense.