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 (ā′tē-pē′ās, -āz)
An enzyme that catalyzes the formation of ATP from ADP, inorganic phosphate, and energy, found in mitochondria and chloroplasts; adenosine triphosphatase. Also called ATP synthase.


1. (Biochemistry) adenosine triphosphatase; an enzyme that converts ATP to ADP


(ˈeɪˈtiˈpi eɪs, -eɪz)

adenosine triphosphatase: any of several enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of ATP to ADP and phosphate.
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Although extensive SAR analysis with other nitensidine A analogs would be required to fully understand how nitensidine A stimulates ABCB1-dependent ATPase activity, the number, binding site, and polymerization degree of isoprenyl moieties, and the kind of atoms residing at the site of the imino nitrogen atom in the guanidine alkaloids cooperatively contribute to their ability to stimulate ABCB1-dependent ATPase activity.
Right hemispheric chemical dominance/Kapha state represents a hyperdigoxinemic state with membrane sodium-potassium ATPase inhibition.
2+]-dependant ATPase did not show any significant difference (Table IV).
In the presence of digoxin the system I produces membrane sodium potassium ATPase inhibition of archaeal membrane and a paroxysmal depolarisation shift.
The Wilson disease gene is a copper transporting ATPase with homology to the Menkes disease gene.
This is our first program to enter the clinic, as well as the first ATPase modulator to commence clinical testing," said Paul Sekhri, President and CEO of Lycera Corp.
Endogenous digoxin, a steroidal glycoside which functions as a membrane sodium-potassium ATPase inhibitor has also been related to its etiology due to the intracellular magnesium deficiency it produces.
Undernutrition during the preweaning period changes calcium ATPase and ADPase activities of synaptosomal fractions of weanling rats.
Activation of Cardiac Sarcomere ATPase by CK-1122534, a Small Molecule Agent that Specifically Targets Cardiac Myosin," was presented on Sunday, December 5, 2004.
11*** ATPase ([micro]moles of inorganic phosphorus liberated/min/mg protein) [Ca.

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