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(German ˈaːrau)
(Placename) a town in N Switzerland, capital of Aargau canton: capital of the Helvetic Republic from 1798 to 1803. Pop: 15 470 (2000)


(ˈɑr aʊ)

the capital of Aargau, in N Switzerland. 15,927.
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The global forum has been staged on six occasions since the inaugural edition in 2008 in Aarau, Switzerland.
Philipp Schuetz, MD, and Beat Mueller, MD, are of the University of Basel, Aarau, Switzerland.
Headquartered in Aarau, Switzerland, it has been a pioneer in eco-friendly and highly secure polycarbonate technology.
He took up showjumping when in his forties, began to ride in amateur races and gained his maiden winner at Aarau, Switzerland, just after his 50th birthday.
The acquired business, located in Aarau, Switzerland, has sales of over CHF11m and an operating margin of around 10%.
3] Department of Laboratory Medicine Kantonsspital Aarau, Switzerland