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 (ä′bə-dän′, ăb′ə-dăn′)
A city of southwest Iran on Abadan Island in the delta of the Shatt al Arab at the head of the Persian Gulf.


(Placename) a port in SW Iran, on an island in the Shatt-al-Arab delta. Pop: 307 000 (2005 est)


(ˌɑ bəˈdɑn, ˌæb ə-)

a city in SW Iran, on the Shatt-al-Arab: oil refineries. 306,000.
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Noun1.Abadan - a port city in southwestern IranAbadan - a port city in southwestern Iran  
Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Persia - a theocratic Islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil
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This takes us back 35 years to August 19, 1978 when Cinema Rex, in the petroleum city of Abadan, Iran, was set ablaze killing 470 Iranian nationals.
Indeed, Golestan's images of violence, death and suffering are not easy to look at, much less process without discomfort, but some of his other photographs do provide some comparative relief, such as his surreal image of clerics conferring at a mullahs' conference on the side of road in Abadan, Iran, in a desolate setting that resembles a no man's land.