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n.1.Barking; baying of dogs upon their prey. See Bay.
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They begane first at the abay gates, and when the first pagiante was played, it was wheeled to the highe crosse befor the mayor, and soe to every streete.
The tour included Kfar Matta, Baysour, Majdlaya, Souk al-Gharb, Dfoun, Aley, Keyfun, Abay, Shemlan and other areas.
The Book of Words by Kazakh poet Abay (Ibrahim) Qunanbayuli.
Bakhtiya was educated in Kazakh-language schools and graduated with a degree in philology in 1957 from the Kazakh Pedagogical Institute named for poet, composer, and philosopher Abay Qunanbayuli.
MRS G RAINE, BY EMAIL ABAY windows are usually built separately from the main house.
Kazakhstan is grateful to Macedonia for the consent to erect a monument to the great Kazakh poet and educator Abay Kunanbayev in Skopje.
The first phase of EKI's partnership with JICA involved learning a new concept from Japanese experts, says Yigedeb Abay, director of metal industries at EKI.
Akgiingb'r S, Miran B and C Abay Consumer willingness to pay for food safety labels in Urban Turkey: A case study of pesticide residues in tomatoes.
Kazakh National Agrarian University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Abay street 28, Almaty, Kazakhstan