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A city of central Germany south of Kassel on the Fulda River, about 220 km (135 mi) long. The city grew around a Benedictine abbey founded in 744, which later became one of the foremost centers of culture and learning in Europe.
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None of these individuals--with the exception of two, Herimot and Berehart, whom the Abbot of Fulda had to come to terms with in 827 when they disputed the monastery's rights--occur frequently in the very full run of charters from the Grabfeld as actors or witnesses: their horizons and presumably their interests are focused on Burghaun alone.
12) For Ermenrich, telling the truth about Sualo meant revisiting the site of his bodily experience through the mystical lens of biblical interpretation, an expositive technique he undoubtedly learned from his own teacher, the famous biblical exegete and abbot of Fulda, Hrabanus Maurus (ca.
55) or translate Hrabanus Maurus, abbot of Fulda, to Corbie (p.