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Al-Ahly entered the game with a massive attacking line of Walid Azarro, Walid Soliman, Salah Mohsen and Junior Ajayi, as they missed Abd Allah El Said and Ahmed Hamoudi due to injury.
According to Daker Abd Allah, a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Federation For Construction & Building Contractors, banks require that small companies be granted 3-year budget transfers, which was established three years ago and applies to the largest segment of these companies.
As sniper fire whizzed past us, I could not help but recall the historic tale of the Siege of Mecca, when Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr and his remaining loyal followers (two of his sons defected to the rival Umayyad Caliphate) made a last stand at Kaaba, Islam's holiest shrine, where they fought to the death.
Israeli authorities announced the arrest of Wahid Abd Allah Barsh, 38, an engineer at the UN Development Program and claimed in the indictment brought against him that based on a high-level member of Hamas he funneled resources, 300 tons of the destruction rubble left after Israeli aggression on the Strip in 2014, to Hamas.
Kadhim Finjan will be under the leadership and guidance of the tanker Panamanian (Cora) of sidewalks liquid gas to the sea for the experience of the Iraqi ports company in providing safe navigation for the passage of this supertanker safely across our navigation passage in the Khawr Abd Allah and Khor Al-Zubair.
Mutassim Al Nofli (10) ended up second and behind him were Abd Allah Naser Al Sulimani (9), Khalid Al Ghaithi (8), Mohamed Tamim Al Hinai (3) and Azam (0).
A hundred years later, our very own Abu 'Ubayda' Abd Allah bin al Qasim al Umani -- better known as Sindbad -- reached China where he set up a merchant community in Canton, a province on the South China Sea coast.
Khartoum, May 29 (SUNA) President of the Republic, Field Marshal, Omer Al -Bashir has received Friday evening, at the guests house, a written message from Libya Prime Minister, Abd Allah Al -Thini related to the developments of the situations in Libya.
Mohammad Abd Allah Abdal Raheem and other education experts of Sudan.
In many of his speeches, Yemen's first president, Brigadier General Abd Allah Al-Sallal thus denounced qat during the early 1960s and threatened to uproot the plants--quite possibly not only for altruistic humanitarian reasons, but also to deprive the royalist tribes still fighting his government of their most important source of revenue (in terms of economic importance earnings from qat cultivation were closely followed by Saudi allowances to the tribes).
Cette musique spirituelle vient d'une confrerie fondee au Maroc et plus precisement a Meknes parAbu Abd Allah Sidi MohamedBen AissasurnommeCheykh El Kamil.
During the meeting which was co-chaired by Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the minutes of the second committee meeting related with navigation at Khawr Abd Allah (Abd Allah Estuary), and of the third session of the joint ministerial committee were also