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n.1.An inhabitant of Abdera, in Thrace.
The Abderite
Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher.
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46) In Watt, Arsene says that 'nothing had happened, with all the clarity and solidity of something'; Malone paraphrases Democritus, and the Abderite is again mentioned in The Unnamable.
An Abderite sees a eunuch talking with a woman and asks him if she's his wife.
Another historian, Livy, records that in 170 BC, after the praetor Lucius Hortensius had launched an unprovoked assault on the city of Abdera, beheaded its leaders, and sold the remaining inhabitants into slavery, "The Senate regarded this as a disgraceful proceeding and they made the same decree in the case of the Abderites that they had made the previous year in the case of the Coronaeans," namely "that the Senate considered the attack upon Abdera as utterly unjustifiable, and demanded that search should be made for all who were enslaved in order that they might be set free.