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Bileklikten rahatsizlik duydugunu ifade eden hastalarin (n=50) cogunlugu ise bilekligin el hijyenine ve abdest almalarina engel oldugu icin rahatsizlik duydugunu belirtmistir (Tablo 3).
5) bileklik uygulamasindan rahatsizlik duydugunu belirtmis, hastalar tarafindan ifade edilen bileklikten kaynaklanan rahatsizliklarin cogunlukla el hijyeni ve abdest almaya engel olmasi oldugu saptanmistir (Tablo 3).
97) In Alevism and Bektasism the notion abdest refers to the initiation into the religious path (Golpinarli, Tasavvuf'tan Dilimize 8; Korkmaz 14f.
There was a recess at noon to allow Muslim members to observe the prayer ritual, and one of our photographers captured a few members of the ruling Muslim party washing their feet in the sink--a ritual called abdest that precedes prayer.
In my column on the abdest episode, I quoted his ambiguous reply: "Neither one.