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 (ăb′ər-năth′ē), Ralph David 1926-1990.
American civil rights leader who was a founder and president (1968-1977) of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.


(ˈæb ərˌnæθ i)

Ralph (David), 1926–90, U.S. clergyman and civil-rights leader.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-March 8, 2018-PolyOne board appoints Robert Abernathy as director
The practice will be led by Roy Abernathy, an industry veteran who recently joined the company after several years at Savills Studley.
com)-- Registered Nurse Betty Abernathy has been approved as a provider for United Healthcare.
the terminating address for this circuit is 505 7th street, abernathy, tx 79311; (806)298.
M2 PHARMA-October 19, 2017-Haemonetics Adds Abernathy as Board Member
It's a joyful, fun, and engaging experience," says Abernathy, a Harvard Graduate School of Education alumna.
Pickar and Abernathy present a method of calculating drug dosages that they say si clear and concise and helps ally math anxiety and promote confidence in students, practitioners, and faculty members.
Jamie Abernathy flogged his haul of expensive seafood to an unscrupulous wholesaler who hired him to commit the crime.
In a binge worthy of Hollywood film The Hangover, Scots Jamie TURN TO PAGE SIX The shopping list included a private jet, three kitchen stoves and 500 KILOS of Dover sole, halibut, lobster and scallops FROM PAGE ONE Abernathy and Brian Darroch blew PS35,000 on seafood - including 80 kilos of Dover sole, 80 kilos of halibut, 150 kilos of lobster and 150 kilos of king scallops - ordered three kitchen stoves for PS4000 and chartered the private jet for PS3600.
Jamie Abernathy and Brian Darroch were visiting Blackpool when they stole credit card details and splurged on meals, hotel rooms and vast amounts of alcohol.
Abernathy MacGregor has named managing director Heather Wilson as head of its San Francisco office to oversee the firm's Bay Area operations, continue to advise clients and help drive growth for the firm, the company said.
You can read on Page 33 about Juanita's Mexican Cafe & Bar in its heyday, memories shared by one of the founders, Mark Abernathy.