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or A·viv  (ä-vēv′)
The first month of the year in the Jewish calendar; Nisan.

[Hebrew 'ābîb, young barley, spring, Abib; see ʔbb in Semitic roots.]


(Hebrew ɑˈbiːb)
(Judaism) Judaism an older name for the month of Nisan
[Hebrew ābhībh ear of grain, hence the month when grain was fresh]
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The five winners were Amna Khan (of Al Bayan Independent High School for Girls), Lulwa Khan (of Al Abib Independent Primary School for Girls), Sandy (of the Royal International School), Abu Baker Mohamed (of the Gulf Independent Primary School for Boys), and Hissa al-Hail (of Al Shayma Independent High School for Girls).
But when Abib (Nisan) was considered the first month, were there any festivities on the first day to celebrate the beginning of a new year?
Abib is a rising star in Al Qaeda and North is under orders to assassinate him in international waters.
He receives help from an Eastern European prostitute, who he later discovers is undercover mercenary Beth Bailey, also sent to track Abib.
Meanwhile, Lucas North (Richard Armitage) boards a ship in Tangiers to find Somalian Al Qaeda agent Abib and soon gets more than he bargained for.
A month later, Lucas North boards a ship in Tangier to find Somalian Al Qaeda agent Abib.
Malian authorities blamed his murder on AQIM cell leader Abou Zeid, also known as Abib Hammadou, a 43-year-old who is listed on United Nations documents as a known Al-Qaeda member.
Abib Olamitoye as he hopes to advise readers on how to increase the cash flow of their life by saving and spending well to push themselves further and increase their own funds.
Abou Zeid, also known as Abib Hammadou, 43, is listed on United Nations documents as a known al-Qaeda member.
The focus has to be on prevention," says Simone Abib, a pediatric surgeon and board member of Crianca Segura, a citizens' group that promotes child safety in Brazil.
141 Abdenour Abib, Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology $236,000
What happened today is a brutal massacre committed against innocent civilians and fighters from our group," said Kader Abib, an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza speaking to protesters outside a hospital morgue.