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n.1.Ability of body or mind; force; vigor.
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all favor and acquaintance of persons of quality or ableness, are but
Ableness is constructed as the norm and afforded privileged status, whereas invalidism and permanent incapacity is a product of individual-functional, charity and medical models and constructed in terms of deficiency (Oliver 2009).
I had also learned that there is a perverse illogic to the norms and practices of ableness that govern our work environments in which privileges associated with being able-bodied, such as being assumed to be a productive worker who "belongs" in the workplace, are lived as taken-forgranted entitlements of "normality" and discriminatory acts toward those unable to approximate able norms are re-represented as fair, impartial and appropriate treatment.
Race, culture, class, language, religion, and ableness were social constructions that regularly appeared on the course syllabus and were the foundation for class readings, activities, and assignments.