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Noun1.ABO blood group system - a classification system for the antigens of human bloodABO blood group system - a classification system for the antigens of human blood; used in blood transfusion therapy; four groups are A and B and AB and O
classification system - a system for classifying things
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The system provides granular information, like ABO blood type, product, device and location, and publishes that information to a consolidated CRM for demand-based recruitment.
The overall pattern of distribution of ABO blood type phenotypes in the population of Sialkot is Bgreater than Ogreater than Agreater than AB.
The objective of the new study was to evaluate the relationship of ABO blood type (A, B, AB and O), Rhesus factor (positive or negative) and a combination of the two with type 2 diabetes (T2D).
The results in the study group were compared with control group which consisted of ABO blood type of prospective age- and sex-matched patients who sought consultation during the same period for other dermatoses not known to have genetic or hereditary tendencies.
The theory behind the diet is that the ABO blood type should match the dietary habits of our ancestors and people with different blood types process food differently.
In particular, when considering ABO blood type antigens, non-0 blood is correlated with the highest risk of CVD.
Beyond the ABO blood type and the Rhesus (Rh) blood type, the International Blood Transfusion Society recognizes twenty-eight additional blood types with names like Duffy, Kidd, Diego and Lutheran.