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A colleague considered its usefulness in the clinical context: 'put the map of Aboriginal Australian languages on the wall in the surgery or in the waiting room .
PEREZ ART MUSEUM MIAMI Presents "No Boundaries: Aboriginal Australian Contemporary Abstract Painting" brings together the work of nine Aboriginal Australian artists who are leader within their community and while they began painting late in life, their works explore complex and innovative modes of abstraction.
Meanwhile, acclaimed Aboriginal Australian artist Archie Moore and Northumbrian ceramist Matt Calder have teamed up for an exhibition at Newcastle's System Gallery.
I think it is a very disappointing and hopeless statement by the Prime Minister," Noel Pearson, an Aboriginal Australian lawyer and land rights activist, told the broadcaster.
American collectors have often been early to purchase works from emerging art movements; contemporary Aboriginal Australian art is an area in which they have been especially vigorous.
Price, an Aboriginal Australian activist, was responding to the Labor Party's opposition to the law changes, which they said would see prison numbers increase significantly.
SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (15) Sanitised though feelgood film about four Aboriginal Australian girls entertaining the US troops during the Vietnam War.
They lie in a vast blue space composed of concentric circles, a symbol in Aboriginal Australian art representing water or watering holes.
Kylie is an aboriginal Australian name, and means 'Boomerang'.
That mood and behavior began to change with the action of a star Aboriginal Australian Rules footballer, Nicky Winmar, one of the very few then playing in the top professional league.
Aboriginal Australian activist, Roberta Sykes, makes this clear in an oral history interview where she discusses living conditions in The Block, a predominantly Aboriginal inner city suburb of Sydney characterized by poverty, police brutality, and a rampant drug culture: "The Block, like any other Aboriginal projects, was set up to fail.
Other items included transportation broadsides from 1829, a German language broadside announcing an Aboriginal Australian on exhibition in Berlin (1831-1834), dance cards from 1891, a poster of Opperman's Malvern Star bicycle (Sydney 1934), wine labels from the Sydney Olympics sponsors, a needle book from the Sydney Harbour Bridge opening (1932), 1916/1917 conscription referendum flyers, a 1916 ANZAC Day Commemoration program, and an 1880 design catalogue of furniture, bedsteads and pianos (Melbourne).

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